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I continued to do Yubinuki (Japanese thimble ring).  The circumference of these thimbles is 11 cm.

 Water Lily (Lotus) 1

 Water Lily (Lotus) 2
 Water Lily (Lotus) 3

 Ginkgo Biloba Leaves 1

  Ginkgo Biloba Leaves 2
  Ginkgo Biloba Leaves 3

 Red pepper
 Three colors peppers

Last temari ball . 31 cm in circumference.  I wanted use Hoya carnosa flowers on the ball. After C10 division I added an additional section to get 6 pentagons in each pentagon. I used the 5 point star technique to stitch the flowers of hoya carnosa.

I continued to do Yubinuki (japanese thimble ring).

I wanted to use Yubinuki (japanese thimble ring) technique on the temari ball . 11 cm in circumference. I share 5 balls.

A thimble with a diameter of 3 cm.