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I worked the tiny temari balls in January 2017. Their base are fabric and their circumferences are 5,3 - 9,1 and 10,7 cm. They can use as pendant. I used more fine threads no.12. The earring size is about 1,7 cm in diameter.

hoya carnosa

I worked this temari ball in September 2016.

They are 12 pieces japanese cranes (鶴) in 12 hexagons. 64 cm circ.
They are 73 hexagons in each hexagon.
The cranes  consisted with  the hexagons. This is an original pattern.

I worked this temari balls in August 2016.

Lantana 3
Temari No. 298 55 cm Sv-Se-Se=482 faces
Lantana 4 Temari No. 299  59 cm  Se-Se-Se=642 faces

                                        Lantana flowers
I worked that temari balls in July 2016.

Lantana Flowers

Temari No. 296  56 cm  Sv (vertex-to-vertex stars) - Se (edge-to-edge stars) - Se = 482 faces

Temari No. 297
55 cm  Se - Se - Se = 642 faces
I worked this temari balls in July 2015.
I saw this image in Bukhara Abd al-Samad Complex. I adaptated on temari ball.

First adaptation is on C10. 26.6 cm

 And second on C10. 28.2 cm

Third is on 32 centers. 29 cm

I tried on C08. 27.6 cm

I tried this motif development as pentagons and hexagons.
24.5 cm on C10

I worked  this temari balls in June 2015.

 26 cm
 24 cm
  25,5 cm
 26 cm
 31 cm 29 cm

                                                                        27,5 cm

                                                                             26 cm